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Our legal services cover most day-to-day legal issues that arise, including immigration issues, supplier contracts, employment contracts and more. We can connect you with experienced local lawyers if you need help with more significant issues.

Legal Services in Kazakhstan

Setting up a business in the Republic of Kazakhstan will usually create the need for legal services. Running a business here will also require legal advice when it comes to creating contracts and employment agreements and providing support in matters of dispute resolution and other extraordinary circumstances. In most cases, clients come to Leinonen for corporate legal services and labour law consultations, and we are happy to provide help.

Since 2023, Leinonen Kazakhstan cooperates with CONTINENTAL Law Firm to provide a turn-key accounting and legal services portfolio. We work together seamlessly with our lawyer colleagues at CONTINENTAL, who are some of the top professionals in their field in Kazakhstan and the Central Asian region.

Reliable Legal Services

We provide a range of legal services designed to support your business as it seeks to integrate successfully into in the Kazakh market. Those services include advice and assistance with day-to-day legal matters like reviewing your important contracts, as well as any cases that may involve threats to your interests, including issues arising from disputes with any of the country’s numerous public institutions.

In terms of corporate law, we can assist entrepreneurs or investors in setting up a business in Kazakhstan, help established businesses open a branch in the country, assist companies undergoing restructuring or mergers, and help with liquidations or the suspension of operations.

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Expanding into Central Asia can be an exciting and profitable experience but it is not without its risks. If for instance, your company is opening an office here to conduct oil and gas exploration you will need to navigate a complex web of regulations and legal requirements. That will require detailed legal advice about Kazakh business law, environmental law, international financial regulation and more. The best approach to solve these issues is to use the most experienced accounting and law professionals on the market.

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We have more than 30 years of experience providing expert business and legal advice to companies and entrepreneurs throughout Northern and Eastern Europe and Central Asia. We are ideally suited to help further your interests as you work to establish your presence in Kazakhstan and to come to your aid if problems arise. To learn more about our services, get in touch today.

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