Kazakhstan is a pro-business country, but their State Revenue Committee keeps a close eye on the activities of foreign-owned businesses. It would not take much to have a negative experience undermine your prospects for success, which is why it’s advisable to outsource your taxes to an experienced third-party entity; we can help connect you with such an entity in Kazakhstan.

Tax Consultants in Kazakhstan

When establishing a business entity in a foreign country, few things are as important as making sure you are in full compliance with local tax codes. This is certainly the case for those doing business in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Leinonen’s taxation services provide reliable advice and tax-related guidance to businesses with a presence here.

Changes on the Way

Towards the end of every calendar year, the local authorities publish a series of changes in the Kazakhstani Tax Code that significantly impact not only native businesses but foreign-owned and operated businesses as well. These changes usually take effect on January 1, making the need for tax advice in Kazakhstan an always ongoing affair. In recent times the changes come down to limiting business expenses deductions, changing what dividend exemptions are allowed and how they are calculated and changes related to income on listed securities.

These alterations to the Tax Code always cause some confusion and worry in the business community and caused many a foreign business owner to search for reliable taxation services in order to try and understand the implications. Leinonen’s tax services can help you comply with these changes while at the same time helping you think of ways to offset any potential short or long-term damage.

Keep Up with Changes in Taxation in Kazakhstan

Leinonen’s tax consultant services in Kazakhstan can help you keep up with changes to the tax code, help you improve the efficiency of your tax activities, and show you how to adapt your business goals to reveal unexpected opportunities resulting from regulatory changes. 

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Leinonen provide vital tax services to businesses large and small which help them maximise the profitability of their business activities while meeting the expectations of the local tax authority. If you are in need of a tax consultant in Kazakhstan, get in touch with Leinonen.

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