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Business Trips Procedure - what is the benefit to the employer?

Please note that the employee sent on a business trip has the right to choose accommodation / lodging place. He may decide it on his own if it is not agreed in advance with the employer, for example, discussed in the Business Trips Procedure or in another company's local document. Often there are cases when, upon returning from the business trip, the employee submits to the employer documents justifying accommodation costs, which contain bigger amounts than the employer expected. Number of disputes between the employers and the employees over the validity of such costs is increasing in the courts. In such cases the court evaluates the facts and states that if the employer and the employee did not agree in advance on what premises the employee will live in and what accommodation price will be, the employer must compensate all such expenses upon submission of documents confirming the costs incurred by the employee.

In order to avoid this type of disputes with the employees, it is recommended to have an approved Business Trips Procedure, which would clearly set out the procedure for business trip formalization, the calculation / payment of daily allowances, reimbursement of business trip expenses and other important aspects. The employees have to be acquainted with the approved Business Trips Procedure by signing and this Procedure applies to all employees equally.

Leinonen can help you prepare Business Trips Procedure and advise you on this and related matters.



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