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Changes of the Law on State Social Insurance of the Republic of Lithuania

1.     Social insurance contributions will be calculated from currently tax-free amounts:

  •  remunerations paid according to civil contracts to managers of small partnerships who are not members of the small partnership,
  • bonus paid to the members of board,
  • remuneration paid for work in the board, in the supervisory board or in the credit committee which is paid instead of bonus or along with bonus.

2.     Rate of unemployment insurance contribution is increased twice for time-limited work agreements.

3.     Social insurance contribution ceilings are established:
  • Social insurance contribution is not calculated from annual remuneration (e.g., salaries, bonuses paid to the board members) exceeding 120 average monthly salaries (AMS) of previous year. The taxable base of social insurance contribution will be decreased by 12 AMS each year from 2018 to 2022 until the ceiling will reach 60 AMS in year 2022.
  • AMS for the first quarter of 2016 was EUR 748. Therefore, the social insurance              contribution is not calculated if the tentative annual base exceeds EUR 89.760 or EUR  7.480 per month.
  • Self-employed persons, except certain individuals (e.g. farmers), will not have to pay social insurance contribution from remuneration earned which exceeds 28 AMS of previous year.
  • Farmers and their partners will not have to pay social insurance contribution from remuneration earned which exceeds 7 AMS of previous year.

4.     Social insurance contribution set for financing of the main part of the pension is reduced by 1%.

5. Social insurance contribution will not be calculated on the shares received under options (stock options) if employees gain the right to the shares earliest after 3 years.

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