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Important information regarding non-imposition of late payment interests for calculated environmental pollution tax

In this Explanation, the State Tax Inspectorate states that not the taxpayers, but the third parties are guilty for overdue calculation and payment of tax of environmental pollution. Accordingly, taxpayers, on the initiative of the tax administrator, according to the list of legal entities submitted by the Department of Environmental Protection of the region of Vilnius under the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania, (hereinafter – the List) must be released both from the calculated and not paid, and from the calculated and paid/ credited late payment interests.

If your company has also encountered cancellation of certificates/ approvals issued by VŠĮ „Žaliasis taškas“ and VŠĮ „Pakuočių tvarkymo organizacija“ and calculation of environmental pollution tax, Leinonen recommends you to contact the State Tax Inspectorate to find out if your company was included in the List.


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