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Leinonen Belarus is now open for business in Minsk

As we now have fresh first-hand experience about establishing a new company in Belarus, we can confidently say that the process is quite easy and painless. The Belarusian authorities have done much to improve investment conditions in recent years, including efforts to cut away some of the red tape involved with starting businesses. Today, there is no reason for foreign investors to feel that dealing with local bureaucracy would be a negative factor affecting their investment decision.

The importance of Belarus for European business has grown in recent years as it is geographically positioned as an important waypoint between many European and CIS markets. Today, the country is especially interesting for foreign investors operating in logistics and IT. One example of possibilities in IT is the Great Stone investment park located near Minsk, where investors enjoy reduced taxes and increased ease of doing business. The park is a joint Belarusian-Chinese project and has already attracted tens of investors not only from China, but among others from Russia, Australia, the U.S, and Germany.

If you already have business in Belarus or are interested in investing, don’t hesitate to contact Tuomas directly.

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