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Leinonen Group continues strong growth strategy and strengthens its position by acquisition of Norwegians Resultat Compagniet AS

Norway plays a significant role in Group’s strategy, as it is an interesting market area for the companies established in Finland, as well as for other companies located where Leinonen Group operates. Also Norwegian companies strive for growth in new markets.

Leinonen Group subsidiary, Leinonen AS, has been operating in Norway since 2013. Newly acquired Resultat Compagniet AS will continue operations under its existing name for now and share premises with Leinonen AS. Asgeir Lund is the managing director of both companies.

Resultat Compagniet AS was founded in 2004 and 100% owned by Gunnar Steen. The company has had stable business activity in Norway. In 2016 turnover was EUR 680.000 and it employed 7 people. The company´s clientele is mainly Norwegian small and medium sized companies. Gunnar Steen will be employed as a specialist in the company.

Accounting business is consolidating rapidly and becoming more international, as small and medium size companies are expanding abroad, and thereby, requires similar compatible accounting services in all markets. “We recognize business culture differences between countries and can help companies that are expanding their business abroad. We can answer those questions our clients don’t even know they need to ask. Every country has its own practices and habits, and every company needs a professional support in their international expansion“ notes Petteri Leinonen.

Leinonen is Finnish private-owned accounting and advisory company, established in 1989. Leinonen offers reliable accounting, payroll, advisory, administration and audit services in 11 countries: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Russia and Ukraine. Leinonen’s strength is the deep local expertise and personal service, combined with wide international presence.


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