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New advisory unit established at Leinonen

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New advisory unit established at Leinonen

Mažena Birbalienė, Head of Advisory Unit

Leinonen Group is an accountancy and advisory company whose 13 offices can be found in the capital cities of 11 countries – Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Russia, and Ukraine. Leinonen Lithuania belongs to Leinonen Group, and it has been providing high quality accounting, administration, payroll management services to a large base of international companies in the Lithuanian market for almost 20 years in Vilnius, and already 3 years in Kaunas.

Today we have over 40 experts, who are taking care of financial details. We believe that Leinonen Lithuania key success factor is our employees. The implemented management system keeps people happy and well trained. We highly appreciate continuous professional development of each staff member and are proud that our accountants attain high marks in ACCA (the global body for professional accountants with 162.000 members and 428.000 students in 173 countries) organized exams.

Having a wide experience in accounting, Leinonen Lithuania alongside with other Leinonen Group Baltic offices is expanding its portfolio of services. A new Advisory Unit was established in 2014 for assisting clients in company establishment and liquidation processes, consulting on labor issues, advising on tax and accounting policies, communicating with tax authorities on behalf of the client, and providing tax and human resource compliance services.

The Baltic offices are the biggest in the Leinonen Group, and work in close mutual cooperation. This gives a great opportunity for foreign investors to receive professional cross-border advisory and accounting services in all three countries from a single service provider.

By being a part of Leinonen Group, serving international companies of all sizes and industries, providing wide range of accountancy and advisory services in one place, Leinonen Lithuania enhances customer satisfaction and allows them to focus on their core business.


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