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Declaration on Compliance of Packaging – new revision from 1 January 2016

revision on declaration on compliance of packaging

The procedures shall be applied to all empty packaging and packaging filled with goods placed on the market, except for the packaging filled with goods, used for one’s own purposes.

General requirements for packaging:
1. Packaging shall be designed and manufactured so that its volume and weight are as less as possible, taking into account the necessity to prevent the damage of packaged goods and consumer safety, hygiene and transportation requirements;
2. Packaging shall be designed, manufactured and sold in the way that it could be reused, recycled or otherwise used to reduce a negative impact on the environment.
3. Packaging shall be manufactured in the way that a major part of packaging could be reprocessed into products, complying with the standards established for those products in the EU and (or) Lithuania.
4. Packaging shall be manufactured so that packaging waste would contain as less as possible harmful and other hazardous substances.

Packaging placed on the market shall be deemed to be in compliance with the requirements laid down in the Law on Packaging and Packaging Waste Management if as at the day of packaging placing on the market it conforms to the EU Standards (LST EN 13427-13432).


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