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Plan to take your company abroad? We are more than happy to assist you with the entire process and help you minimize the risks related to founding a new company. When establishing a company abroad, it’s crucial that the company form and registration comply with the local legislation. We make sure that the chosen form is financially the most profitable for you.

We look after your new venture: form the legal body of the company and conduct all the necessary registrations.


Company registration in Lithuania might take approximately a week. The registration process may take longer if additional information is required from the relevant authorities.
The whole process of establishing a new company in Lithuania usually takes about 1-2 months. This depends on the fluency of collecting and providing the documents and their particular requirements.

Leinonen Lithuania provides office registration services in Lithuania if accounting services are provided to the company.

When establishing a company, it is recommended to open an accumulative bank account in a Lithuanian bank. However, when the company is established, it is not obligatory to use the Lithuanian bank account. In case a foreign bank account is used, the Tax Authority must be informed about such an account.

Liquidation process takes approximately 6 months. The procedure depends on the complexity of the company’s matters which should be terminated, existing contracts with partners and employees, etc.

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