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An obligation to indicate salary in job advertisements

In July of 2019, the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania approved amendments of the Labor Code, which establish the obligation of the Employers to indicate the proposed remuneration in the job advertisements.

After the aforementioned changes became effective 27 July 2019, all job advertisements posted on websites or in other manner require employers to provide information on the size of the proposed salary (i.e. hourly wage, monthly wage or fixed part of the salary) or the interval of the salary i.e. the range from the lowest to the highest possible amount.

These legislative changes aim to strengthen the bargaining power of employees, whereas the research carried out reveals that the majority of employees agree to the proposed remuneration right away, without negotiations. It is expected that when a person has more information before coming to the first job interview, he/ she will be better prepared for the negotiations. At the same time, this provision also aims to encourage social responsibility of the employers.

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