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Information regarding changes in quarantine restrictions

We would like to inform that the Government has announced that the quarantine regime in Lithuania is extended for another month - until May 31 2021, however the Government also has decided to open part of the business. Shops, outdoor cafes and sports clubs will start operating in Lithuania on different dates in April.


Please find below information regarding mentioned changes in quarantine restrictions in Lithuania announced by the Government.


Starting form 19 April 2021:


·except during Saturdays and Sundays, will be able to work all stores in supermarkets, excluding market trading. Please note that the stores have to provide 20 square meters of retail space per visitor or serve no more than one person at a time.

On Saturdays and Sundays, only shops whose main activities are the sale of food, veterinary, animal feed, flowers, optical goods and orthopedic technical equipment, funeral supplies, as well as pharmacies could be opened. Other stores will be opened on weekends if they have a separate entrance. The restrictions to work on weekends will also not apply to shops and outlets operating at airport and seaport passenger departure terminals;

· it is also allowed to open cinemas, cinema clubs, theater and other professional performing arts institutions, to perform events in open and closed spaces, when no more than 150 people participate. Seated events in closed spaces and the provision of cinema services are allowed, filling up to 30% places, but not more than 150 people. Tickets must be distributed electronically and / or registration of participants must be ensured;

·contact consultations for graduates in school can be held in groups of 10 students instead of 5. After May 3 2021 such a restriction will no longer exist.


Starting form 22 April 2021:


·it is allowed to renew the activities of public catering companies, restaurants, cafes, bars. The mentioned catering companies, restaurants, cafes and bars will be able to work from 7 am to 9 pm, when the ordered food and drinks are consumed at tables in open spaces, allowing no more than two people to sit at one table, except for members of one family and / or one household.

Catering companies are allowed to operate at sea and airport passenger departure terminals when the ordered food and drinks are consumed at tables (in closed spaces), allowing no more than two persons to sit at one table, except for members of one family and / or one household;

·the Government also allowed excursions in open spaces with a maximum of 10 participants;

·it is allowed to rent premises of the provision of accommodation services and premises of the provision of leisure services for the organization of personal celebrations when no more than one family and / or one household or no more than 10 persons with immunity participate in them.


Starting form 26 April 2021:


·the services of operation of sports facilities, sports clubs and fitness centers will be opened. The services are provided by ensuring 20 square meters of area per person. Also, allowed group trainings, group trainings can be carried out with the participation of up to 5 people (excluding service providers);

·swimming pool and sauna services are allowed, not only in rural tourism homesteads, but in all establishments, providing accommodation services. However, this service shall be provided to no more than one family and / or one household member;

·non-formal education of children allowed the provision of pool services. Such services are also allowed to be provided to one-class students of an educational institution who are educated through contact way;

·the Government also has decided that some municipalities in the country could be subject to more gentle quarantine restrictions than the country as a whole, according to the epidemic situation.


Form 3 May 2021:


·all marketplaces will be opened. Large pavilions in marketplaces are currently closed;

·graduates are allowed to return to schools.


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Leinonen Tax team and    we would be happy to provide you with more information about the mentioned changes which may be relevant to Your business.


The information above was prepared by the Leinonen Tax team.



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