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Leinonen expands Tax Advisory services

Algirdas gathered years of tax consulting experience while being engaged in significant tax optimisation and tax risk management projects, has a great knowledge on taxation issues related to international trading and other transactions. Algirdas provided tax consulting services to entities operating in financial, insurance, retail, production, construction, transport, energy and other sectors. One of the main specialisation areas of Algirdas – indirect taxation and application of the Union Customs Code.

Algirdas also has a great knowledge on principles of practice of the Lithuanian Tax Authorities, provided consultations on optimisation of their tax control process.

“I am pleased to join Leinonen Lithuania team and being able to support its tax advisory practise development in Lithuania. We are ready not only to ensure relevant and efficient tax compliance of our current accounting clients but also for successful cooperation with Lithuanian and foreign entities to help them deal with their complex tax issues”, - A.Kviklys said.


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