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Simplified Procedure for Issuing Visas to Belarusians

Throughout the pandemic one of the most challenging areas is traveling. Rules and recommendations are being issued weekly and changing quite rapidly. For the most part traveling became more complex than it used to be before. However, Leinonen team would like to draw your attention that changes, which simplify some aspects of migration, have been adopted. One of those changes is a simplified procedure for issuing visas to Belarussian citizens.

Until 21 March 2021, the procedure for issuing national visas to the citizens of Belarus is temporarily simplified. For this period, Belarus citizens are subject to the same condition for issuing national visas as citizens of Australia, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and South Korea.

Belarus citizens seeking to work in Lithuania and their family members can obtain a national visa for a period of 6 months within 15 days by presenting a minimum package of documents and proof of their financial means. The list of documents which are necessary:

1.Application form, which can be filled online;


3.Colour photo;

4.Documents proving that sufficient funds are available for a period of 3 months/ a commitment of a legal entity to provide such funds;

5.Health insurance for the whole period of 6 months.

Please be aware that the Employer willing to employ Belarus citizen with an issued visa, shall submit an application for a work permit with the Employment services. The work permit is issued for a particular person. Both, a visa and a work permit are necessary to obtain in order to be able to work.

Before coming to Lithuania please check the most recent rules for testing and self-isolation as they are changing weekly. Leinonen team is doing their best to keep you up to date with the relevant legislation. Every Monday the information regarding the exceptions, affected country list, and general traveling information is being updated on our webpage.



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