Law on Whistleblowers Protection entered into force on 1 January 2019 in the Republic of Lithuania.

What is the purpose of the Law on Whistleblowers Protection?

The Law establishes rights and obligations of the whistleblowers as well as regulates measures of the protection, help and promotion of these persons when whistleblowers reports on law breaches which might affect public interest.

Who is Whistleblower?

Whistleblower is a natural person, who provides information on a possible violation of law that may harm the public interest and this information is obtained through the performance of his/her employment duties. Violation in the context of this Law is considered possibly committed criminal offense, an administrative offense, a violation of work duties, as well as a gross violation of binding ethical norms or other violation of the public interest.

What are the new obligations of the employers?

Public institutions and private legal entities with more than 50 employees shall implement following obligations:

· to introduce internal channels for providing information on violations, i.e. to create an internal alert system, providing employees with the opportunity to safely report about breaches of the law and guaranteeing them protection;

· to appoint a person or group of persons (the competent subject) who administers internal alert system, examines received information about violations, ensures confidentiality of whistleblowers;

· to inform employees about the appointed competent person/ group of persons, their contacts, as well as about the procedure for providing and investigating information about violations.


Responsibility on noncompliance

Responsibility on noncompliance with the requirements of the Law on Whistleblowers Protection is determined in the Administrative Violations Code of Lithuania. According to Article 5551 of Administrative Violations Code, fines from EUR 140 to EUR 4.000 might be applied for the breaches or noncompliance of the Law on Whistleblowers Protection.

How can Leinonen assist Your company to comply with new requirements?

Leinonen legal advisors would be pleased to ensure compliance of Your company with the requirements by:

· drafting whistleblower policy;

· preparing reporting templates;

· issuing guidelines for whistleblowers protection;

· drafting agreement on confidential information;

· preparing other related documents;

· providing consultations related to Whistleblowers Protection Law.

Information above was prepared by Leinonen Lithuania Legal Team.

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