Although the procedure to open a business in Lithuania is straightforward, the help of experienced lawyers and specialists is needed. Throughout the years we have helped hundreds of companies to settle in Lithuania.

At Leinonen we offer high-quality accounting, financial, tax and legal management services, enabling clients to focus on their core business. Therefore, we try to simplify even more the process of opening a business in Lithuania by talking our clients through the steps required by respectful authorities.

Leinonen’s team provides support when selecting which establishment form would be the most suitable for you (e.g. limited liability company, branch, etc.). It should be noted that the company’s activity in Lithuania may not require establishment of the company, i.e. tax registration for VAT, payroll or corporate income tax purposes may be sufficient.

Contact one of our experienced team members for further information regarding opening a company in Lithuania as well as registering a legal address in the country.


Lithuania is a business-friendly country. In addition to the stress-free procedure of opening a business in the country, the standard corporate income tax is 15% which is considered low compared with other countries. In addition, if a company covers specific requirements, there may be no tax applied in the first year of operation!

Furthermore, the current VAT rate in Lithuania is 21%, although, in a few cases, there are reductions which apply to books and non-periodical publications, public transportation services determined by the Ministry of Communications or municipalities as well as accommodation services. Moreover, a reduced rate of 5% is applied to technical and medical aid devices and their repair services.

If you want to find out more regarding taxation and/or requirements for tax reduction, contact one of our experienced tax specialists.


Lithuanian labor laws apply to foreign nationals and foreign businesses in the same manner as to domestic entities. That is why the country hosts thousands of international companies. However, the need of experienced payroll specialist is needed as there are specifications relevant to the legislation in the country. Therefore, at Leinonen we offer consultations regarding payroll details relevant to Lithuanian’s law.

It is important to note that in Lithuania, in addition to the standard income tax of 20%, there is also social security contribution of 19.50% as well as additional reductions such as pension funds.

Contact our experienced team if you wish to know more about the details regarding payroll in Lithuania.


As Lithuania is a member of EU, travelling and working in the country has been made easier for EU citizens. However, a residence permit is required if an individual wishes to reside in the country for longer than 90 days.

Most of the workers reside in Vilnius and Kaunas which are the most developed districts in Lithuania. The living costs in the country are very low compared to other countries in EU, therefore Lithuania is a popular destination for expats.

If you wish to find out more about laws and regulations for expats in Lithuania, contact a member of our experienced team.


Accounting in Lithuania is regulated according to the following legal acts:

• Accounting Law of the Republic of Lithuania*;
• Business Accounting Standards or International Accounting Standards;
• Law on Company Financial Statements of the Republic of Lithuania;
• other legislation governing accounting and financial statements.

An employed accountant or a company providing accounting services is responsible for accuracy of accounting entries. It is important to note that all accounting records shall be supported by accounting documents (invoices, cheques, etc.). In addition, there are regulations that require specific documentation to be archived from 10 to 50 years. Therefore, having a reliable and experienced accountant is an essential part of any business.

Leinonen’s competitive advantage is the personal connection. We understand that accounting is a very important part of the business therefore we reachable and we can provide knowledgeable support at any time.

Contact one of our experienced accountants for more details related to accounting processes in Lithuania.

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