Information regarding mandatory Covid-19 testing in Lithuania

We would like to inform that the Lithuanian Government has approved the list of activities that workers will be required to be tested periodically (every 7 to 10 days) for COVID-19.


The Parliament had approved amendments to the Law on the Prevention and Control of Communicable Diseases of Humans, which allow certain professions to work only after a testing or subsequent periodic testing for COVID-19, as a result the Government approved the list of professions to which the new regulations would apply. The mentioned amendments to the Law on mandatory testing take effect from 1 April 2021.


The representatives of the following activities will be required to test for COVID-19 before returning to work until a quarantine or emergency situation in Lithuania is reported:

·         Activities of cultural and artistic sector workers;

·         Physical activities and high-performance sports activities;

·         Catering services activities;

·         Activities of retail workers;

·         Leisure and / or entertainment activities (swimming pool and sauna services, games rooms, dance halls, cinemas, bars, nightclubs and other entertainment venues);

·         Beauty services activities;

·         Activities of accommodation services.


Please be kindly noted that the requirement to test for COVID-19 before returning to work will not apply to workers in areas who are already allowed to renew their activities, i.e. the mentioned requirement applies only to newly opened activities.


We would like also to note that not only employees mentioned on the list will have to be tested, but also those in whose workplace’s outbreaks of the COVID-19 will be identified or the workers which are suspected of being ill of the COVID-19.


The Government has also agreed that some employees will be required to carry out periodic testing for COVID-19 during their activities. Periodic testing will be required in the below mentioned activities:

·         Personal health care services and activities;

·         Social services and activities;

·         Educational services and activities;

·         Pharmacy staff activities.


We would like also to inform that COVID-19 testing will not be required for workers who have been infected with COVID-19 and also who have been vaccinated.


Employers will be required to draw up lists and check if workers are being tested for COVID-19. An employee who refuses to be tested may be given the opportunity to work remotely or may be transferred to another job in the same workplace that is allowed to work according to his/her health condition. However, if this type of work is not possible, the employee may be removed from work.


Mandatory testing for COVID-19 of employees who are required to be tested are financed from the state budget. Such testing shall be carried out until the end of the emergency situation and /or quarantine, whichever is later.


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Leinonen Tax team and    we would be happy to provide you with more information about the mentioned changes which may be relevant to Your business.


The information above was prepared by the Leinonen tax team.

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