Quarantine in Lithuania – Current Restrictions & State Support

Changes in restrictions of quarantine and additional state aid support

As of Leinonen already informed you that from 7 November 2020, quarantine regarding coronavirus spread in Lithuania was announced. The quarantine is valid till 28 February 2021.

Please be informed that the Government currently has announced changes in restrictions of the quarantine. From 15 February 2021 it is allowed to operate the part of the businesses:

·       to provide individual services (such as beauty services, individual training and others) providing 20 sq. m. per person or, if the premises are smaller, serving one customer at a time;

·       outdoor sale of non-food products;

·       sale of flowers;

·       individual workouts outside;

·       sale in no more than 300 sq. m. store with a separate entrance from the outside (or with a separate entrance used only by customers of that store), providing 20 sq. m. area per buyer.

Please be kindly noted that all workers returning to work from 15 February 2021 have a possibility get free test for coronavirus at the mobile point.

We would like also to inform that the Government has approved the proposal of the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation:

1.     to compensate part of costs for COVID-19 testing. The Ministry of the Economy and Innovation will allocate EUR 30 mln. for small and medium-sized enterprises for test for coronavirus.

2.     the market tax. Also, it is proposed to allocate EUR 2 mln. for the compensation of the market tax.

The Ministry of the Economy and Innovation has announced that small and medium-sized enterprises whose main economic activity is restricted through the second quarantine will be able to receive testing for coronavirus support. Also, the companies, applying for the mentioned support, shall have not used 200.000 EUR of state aid support in the last two years.

The business will be partially compensated for the cost of coronavirus rapid tests performed in healthcare institutions for their employees. Compensation will be EUR 12 per rapid serological antibody test and EUR 12 per rapid antigen test. With the mentioned compensation it will be possible to test about 100.000 employees and one person could be tested 12 times in three months.

We would like also to note that businesses will be able to test their employees and afterwards fill in an application form for compensation through Invega. Tests for employees must be carried out regularly and compensation for them will be paid to companies periodically according to the number of tests performed.

The Ministry of the Economy and Innovation also informs about market tax compensation which will also be applicable for businesses. The market tax compensation may amount to EUR 300 for one business.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Leinonen Tax team and we would be happy to provide you with more information about the mentioned changes in restrictions of quarantine and state aid support which may be relevant to Your business.


The information above was prepared by the Leinonen tax team. 

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