Company Establishment

Before you need to worry about outsourcing payroll or tax-related tasks, you will need to make sure that all of the processes of company establishment are taken care of. We help you with everything from obtaining a tax ID number to onboarding local staff.

Setting Up a Company in Lithuania

Lithuania generally provides a business-friendly environment for those who wish to enter the market. We have adopted many of the principles of Western European business, including transparency and accountability.

However, if you plan on starting a limited liability company (UAB), a representative office or other enterprise in the country, you will still need expert advice. Leinonen provide expert advice on company establishment in Lithuania that will enable you to hit the ground running.

A Reliable Ally

Taking your first steps into a new country can be intimidating. There are countless things to keep track of – any one of which could cause problems if not handled properly. Having a team of experienced financial and legal experts on your side will ease your transition and ensure you don’t waste time and money in the process.

Our Lithuanian office is fully capable of handling all issues related to company establishment in Lithuania, including establishing a company, assistance with residence permits, opening a bank account or bank accounts, ensuring compliance with Lithuanian tax law and much more. When you choose Leinonen to help with company establishment in Lithuania you will benefit from our:

  • 25+ years of experience
  • Comprehensive understanding of the local market
  • Reliable tax and employment advice
  • Friendly, patient, professional, multilingual staff
  • Knowledge of and comfort level with local financial regulations
  • First-class customer service

It would be difficult to find another consultancy with a depth of experience in the Lithuanian market to match Leinonen. We put every day of that experience to work for our clients to help relieve them of the stress and uncertainty that typically accompanies opening a company in a foreign country.

Expert Advice on Company Establishment in Lithuania

Whether you plan on opening a modest representative office or a large industrial site, the team at Leinonen will guide you through the process of company establishment in Lithuania. To ensure your company hits its stride as quickly as possible, contact Leinonen. We take the stress out of opening a company in Lithuania.

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