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Our in-house team of legal experts are able to handle almost everything that arises in the course of doing business in Lithuania.

Legal Services Lithuania

If your Lithuanian enterprise is to thrive, you will need talented, dedicated advisors preparing timely and accurate financial advice, and legal services you can count on. That last point is particularly relevant when it comes to creating business contracts and negotiating agreements. At Leinonen, our team of in-house legal experts have decades of experience helping foreign-owned businesses.

Reliable Legal Services in Lithuania

Doing business in a foreign country, even one as business-friendly and integrated into the EU community as Lithuania, is not like doing business in your home country. It is likely that at some point you will come across difficulties in tax law, labour law, environmental ordinance or statutory requirement. When that happens you will need experienced, skilled representation.

That’s where we come in. On a day-to-day basis, we provide expert legal advice on a broad range of issues related to corporate law. In the event of extraordinary circumstances that pose a potential danger to your brand image, or even an existential threat to your enterprise, we work hard to mitigate risk and protect your interests.

The team at Leinonen are your source for advice on matters including:

  • Contract law – Our team can handle all aspects of contract law for your business including leases, sales agreements, business partnerships and more.
  • Immigration law – We help you with residence permits, visas, submitting documents to employment services and liaising with government departments and institutions.
  • Data protection – If you plan on collecting data on citizens of Lithuania for marketing purposes, you will need to carefully follow the GDPR rules. We can help.
  • Labour law – We advise on all matters related to labour relations including employment contracts, preparation of termination documents and more.
  • Corporate law – From establishment to corporate changes, share capital adjustment, and liquidations, we provide expert advice and guidance on all matters related to corporate or commercial law.

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Anyone who hopes their business will thrive in the Lithuanian market needs to make a real-world assessment of any and all potential legal risks. Leinonen’s legal services in Lithuania stand ready to help.

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