Payroll Management

Payroll is a potentially troublesome process that can hold up your operation before it even has a chance to get started; after all, every country has its own unique rules in this area. Our payroll management services ensure everyone gets paid correctly, that all deductions are accurate and in line with Lithuanian law and that payroll is delivered on time, every time.

Payroll Services Lithuania

In recent years Lithuania has prepared a particularly pro-business environment. Still, foreign companies hoping to establish a presence here need to be aware of the country’s unique traditions as well as old concepts and practices that sometimes affect business. For example, if your goal is to expand within or expand into Lithuania, then effective payroll management will be a key concern. Because payroll is not yet widely automated in Lithuania, payroll management can be a time-consuming and complex process. Leinonen have more than 25 years of experience in the Baltics and provide payroll management in Lithuania that ensures internal harmony while helping businesses reduce costs and resources.

Cost-Effective Payroll Management in Lithuania

We are proud to provide full cycle payroll services, ranging from registration with local social insurance and tax authorities to making salary payments for employees. Our accountancy team is made up of qualified, experienced accountants who are skilled in the management of various accounting software. We also ensure that clients are always kept up to date with the latest changes to local legislation.

Whether yours is an established business with several hundred employees or an SME looking to open a representative office with a few staff members, payroll outsourcing with Leinonen will ensure full compliance with income tax, payroll regulations and social insurance obligations. We also ensure all employment contracts are honoured and that transparency and accountability rule the day.

Our local staff members in Lithuania are highly trained and experienced financial service professionals with years of experience providing payroll management in Lithuania for businesses great and small.

The benefits of outsourcing payroll management to Leinonen are many and include:

  • Confidentiality
  • Transparency
  • Accuracy
  • Accountability
  • Dependability
  • Cost-effectiveness

Trust the Team at Leinonen

Operating an office, production site or other business entity in a foreign country is hard enough. If your payroll department is not at the top of their game you will have unhappy employees making things even harder. Every Leinonen staff member assigned to your payroll processing is a qualified accountant with a full understanding of local tax law, who is dedicated to ensuring the confidentiality and security of your company data as well as the personal data of staff members.

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If your business plans call for expansion into the Lithuanian market, you should get in touch with Leinonen. Our payroll management services will greatly simplify your move while also saving you money in both the short and long-term. Contact Leinonen today and discover the difference more than 25 years of experience makes.

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