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New book on preparation of accounting organization documents

According to the Latvian statutory regulations each company must prepare internal accounting organization documents. Its purpose and content are set in the regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers No 585 "Regulations on the accounting records and the organization".

Our colleague certified auditor Ilga Matule has written the book "Accounting Organization documents - development guide" to explain the need of the accounting organization documents in line with the current regulations, it practical use for internal accounting in company, it successful business and consult on it preparation.

In order to find out more about the book, we offer the interview with the certified auditor Ilga Matule.

What is the idea about the book?

Due to my long-term professional experience and observations during company audits, most of business accounting organization documents are not elaborated or they are quite formal quoting the laws and regulations which practically are not useful for particular company's accounting organization.

By writing this book, I wanted to explain that the accounting organization documents are necessary and useful not only for the State Revenue Service during its inspection or company's auditor auditing its accounts, but they are also helpful for company, so that its accounting would be understandable, consistent and properly organized which could help to reduce tax risks and increase the efficiency of accounting.

Who is the target audience?

The book is intended not only for accountants but also for company managers who are responsible for bookkeeping in the company.

What is the content of the book?

I tried to provide assistance on preparation of appropriate accounting organization documents and show that is not required to re-write the laws and regulations in lengthy, non-transparent way.

The book contains several chapters with my recommendations on how these documents should be prepared so that they would be useful for the company's own needs and provide useful information to employees of a company. The book contains general guidelines, detailed analysis and recommendations for each part of accounting organizational documents, including for preparation of scheme of documentation flow, chart of accounts and its terms of use, accounting policy, different balance sheet items, inventory regulation, procedure of annual accounts preparation and other. The attention is paid to recommended measures for tax risk prevention and many other aspects that should be taken into account by the company itself for a useful and effective accounting organization purposes.

Does the book provide examples or templates which could be used by the company?

It should be noted that accounting organization documents for each company should be developed individually, taking into account its industry, organizational structure, staff responsibilities, volume and type of documents and document flow procedures, as well as company’s accounting software and other factors.

Consequently, accounting organization documents cannot be prepared without additional efforts.

The book can be used as a guideline to facilitate development of accounting organization documents. It includes examples and templates of all the mandatory components of the organization's accounting documents, which can be further adapted to specific business needs. In order to provide wider insight, each template is developed for different industries and structure of a hypothetical company. It should, however, be noted that all templates are illustrative and reflects my personal view on how these documents should be.

The book’s publisher is Lietišķās informācijas dienests and it may be purchased at its e-store.


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