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About planned changes to Laws On Value Added Tax, Company Car Tax and Excise Tax

Draft amendments of VAT Act include following changes:

1) a tax exemption for cultural services as from 1 January 2016 applies only to the cultural services provided by public persons, individuals who have been delegated administrative tasks in the field of culture, as well as a public benefit organization carrying out public benefit activities in the field of culture. If those persons by providing these cultural services, make a profit, the exemption will apply only if the profit gained will be invested to improve cultural services; 

2) with effect from 1 July 2016, the exemption will not be applied to the residential housing maintenance services, as well as residential housing management services provided by cooperative societies of apartments. 

According to the draft amendments of Vehicle Operating Tax and Company Car Tax Act tax rates in 2016 are increased in average of 7.3% to 8.9% in accordance with the consumer price index. 

Excise Law amendments provide for a gradual increase in the tax rates on alcoholic beverages, petroleum products, smoking tobacco and tobacco leaves, as well as the excise duty for disposable electronic cigarettes liquids is introduced.

The above amendments to the draft laws are accepted by the Parliament in the first reading and the future course of the examination can still be changed.


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