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1. Activities of Tourism Operators and Tourism Agents

The draft amendments to Cabinet’ s regulations No. 353 “Regulations Regarding the Rights and Duties of Tourism Operators, Tourism Agents and Clients, the Procedures for the Preparation and Implementation of a Package Tourism Service, the Information to be Provided to a Client and the Procedures for Deposition of Security Guarantee of Money” are published. The authors of the draft – the Ministry of Economics estimate that the draft will be reviewed and accepted until May 2015.

You can find more information about the draft in Latvian onūrisma+operatora+&org=0&area=0&type=0

2. Trade of Medicinal Products and Medicinal Devices

The draft regulations “Amendments to the Cabinet’ s regulations No. 899 of 31 October 2006 “Procedures for the Reimbursement of Expenditures for the Acquisition of Medicinal Products and Medicinal Devices Intended for Out-patient Medical Treatment”” are published.

You can find more information about the draft in Latvian onāļu+&org=0&area=0&type=0

3. Regulations regarding certificates of employees in forestry, logging, and construction

Regulations No. 167 were issued in accordance with the requirements of Article 40 of the Labour Law and entered into force on 10 April 2015.

The link to the Regulations in Latvian is below:


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