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Loans to individuals - a duty to provide information to the State Revenue Service

Merchants, who issued loans to individuals, including their employees, are obliged to submit information to the State Revenue Service (SRS) by 1 June about loans, exceeding 15 000 euros which have been granted to the individual during 2014. Besides, the information should also be provided to SRS for the loans, the amount of which (the total of) did not exceed 15 000 euros in the previous year, but together with the loans issued in the fiscal year exceeds 15 000 euros. Information should be provided in accordance with the form provided by the Annex 1.1 of the Cabinet Regulations No 899.

The information should also be provided to SRS for those loans, which are issued by an individual to another individual and the outstanding amount of the loan (or loan totals) exceeds 15 000 euros. The information should not be submitted for the loans granted by persons with whom the borrower is related by marriage or to the third degree within the meaning of the Civil Code. Information in accordance with the aforementioned Annex should be submitted to SRS by the borrower.

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