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New requirements for reports on employees

If an employee’s occupational code has changed, the employer must submit information to the SRS about the new occupational code within the next month.

For employees registered with the SRS by their employer before 30 June 2013, and with which employment relationship will continue after 1 July 2013, the information about employee occupational codes as of 1 July 2013 must be submitted to the SRS by the employer before 20 July 2013.

Also, from now on, the monthly report on mandatory state social insurance contributions from employee income, personal income tax and business risk tax shall include the number of hours worked by the employee per month. The information will be first due in August 2013, by submitting a report on the hours worked in July, i.e. the report must include the number of hours worked by the employee in July.

Up to now, reports only had to include the number of hours worked per month for those employees whose earnings were below the national minimum wage.


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