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Administrative operations are a crucial piece of success for any company, whether at home or abroad. Some of the nuances are closely connected to running a profitable business, and others are related merely to local legislation. Every company must take care of its business transactions, but local authorities often require specific procedures on certain terms. Your local Leinonen office is happy to take over all of these tiresome and time-consuming operations.

At Leinonen, Administration Services are closely related to our Accounting and Payroll Management services. Business Administration services, i.e., payment processing, issuing invoices or VAT registrations according to local requirements are easily handled by our professional accountants.

General Administration services at Leinonen make the business more convenient for you to manage. Upon request we can represent you in front of the authorities, archive accounting materials and provide a legal mail address or post handling service.


For example we can provide services like: legal address, archiving your documents (some documents have to be kept 50 years), etc.

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