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Taxation in Latvia

Leinonen offers a full tax consulting assistance: advisory on value added tax, payroll taxes, corporate income tax, tax optimization and structuring matters.

We prepare binding rulings to the State Revenue Service on behalf of client, also if required we represent the client within the State Revenue Service in tax disputes.

We provide tax compliance services. We offer registration services such as VAT, foreign employer/employee registration.

Leinonen will make sure that the taxation is performed according to the tax regulation requirements. We offer you a broad shoulder to lean on in the overly complicated tax jungle.

Our tax adviser team has more than ten years extensive professional experience in tax advisory business. Find the contacts of our tax team in the Contacts section.


If the total amount of sales reaches or exceeds 35 000 EUR in a calendar year, the company has to register within the VAT payers register. This must be done not later than 30 days after the threshold has been reached or exceeded. This rule applies to companies who sell online as well.

Registration process, after submitting the applications and other required documents to the Tax authority, takes from 5 to 7 working days.

A corporate income tax (CIT) is paid when profit or deemed dividends are distributed. The tax rate is 20% and is calculated as 0,25 from the net dividend or distribution.

Mandatory social security contributions are split by the employer’s rate and employees rate, respectively - 24,09% and 11% (in 2019). Employer’s costs would be EUR 2481.80 (gross salary + 481, 80 (employer’s rate)).

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