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Leinonen Latvia

Our reputation is based on the quality of our services, our commitment to building personal relationships with our clients and on our ability to be attentive to their specific needs. We pay additional attention to understanding the individual requirements of your company, perceiving the business risks and operating effectiveness.

We work with clients on a variety of issues from the most basic of traditional accountancy services to a wide array of business services to suit all of your financial reporting and planning needs.


We follow international accounting and business standards and we understand the needs of international clients. Our competitive edge is based on experience, quality and a Finnish background.

Leinonen Latvia often participates and supports events related to the industry, which helps it to be on top of all latest developments in the field. For instance, the Business Luncheon with the Minister of Justice was organized by the Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish and Danish Chambers of Commerce in Latvia with the support of Leinonen and HD Forest. (BalticTimes)

Leinonen Latvia  was honored to be chosen as accounting outsourcing industry leader in Latvia, by Association of Accountants of the Republic of Latvia (AARL) already in 2017.The quality of our service is guaranteed by strong internal audit procedures. The company has an ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate from 2009.


Leinonen Latvia serves mainly international clients of all sizes from multinational stock-listed companies to one man enterprises.


We have experience with various accounting programs used by our clients and internally f.ex. Microsoft Dynamics and Directo.

member of..

Leinonen Latvia is a member of The Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Finnish Chamber of CommerceAmerican Chamber of CommerceSwedish Chamber of CommerceNorwegian Chamber of Commerce, , The Association of Accountants of the Republic of Latvia (AARL).

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