Client survey 2020

While the previous year presented its fair share of challenges, Leinonen Latvia has maintained its position as one of the most highly acclaimed accounting consulting services in the region. In fact, the most recent client survey indicates a strong growth despite the presence of multiple social and economic obstacles.

In terms of client acquisition and satisfaction rating, 2020 has been nothing short of a breakthrough year. Facing the dire economic consequences of the global pandemic, Leinonen Latvia has nearly doubled its NPS score – a no small feat in times when more businesses are shutting down than opening up.

The Survey also indicates a steady growth in practically all client experience-related areas, with Leinonen Latvia leading the curve in terms of regional competitiveness and performance. With a consistently excellent brand image score, the company has secured its status as both a national and international expert on a variety of markets.

Embodying its core values and the best of the Northern European business traditions, Leinonen Latvia has remained steadfast and accessible to its clients throughout 2020 and beyond. Providing continuous support while handling the extra amount of accounting-related queries arriving at the onset of the global pandemic, Leinonen can be rightfully called the most resourceful and resilient accounting service currently operating in the Baltics.

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