Company Establishment

The team at Leinonen, Latvia help you with every aspect of company foundation from making sure to choose the correct business type to filing the necessary paperwork, helping you get that all-important tax ID number and much more. Your business will be on solid footing when you let Leinonen help you with company establishment.

Starting a Business in Latvia

Establishing a company, even in a business-friendly country like Latvia, is never as simple as some people assume. There are a million tiny details to pay attention to and you will need to spend time familiarising yourself with the local regulations. The smart alternative to handling company establishment in Latvia yourself, or having an in-house team do it, is to enlist the services of Leinonen.

For more than 30 years, our mission has been to simplify business processes for entrepreneurs and established companies alike. Sometimes that means managing their payroll or handling their bookkeeping. Sometimes it means guiding them through the process of setting up a company from scratch.

Why Company Establishment in Latvia is Easier with Leinonen

We have offices in more than a dozen countries in Northern and Eastern Europe and Central Asia. We have decades of experience assisting the entry of various businesses into Latvia and the Baltics in general. But those are not the only benefits of working with Leinonen. Others include:

  • Cost-effectiveness: The time and trouble we save you will more than justify the investment.
  • Experience: Few companies can match our Latvian office when it comes to experience.
  • Expertise: We understand even the most arcane aspects of establishing a business in Latvia.
  • Turnkey service: From residence permits to opening your doors we’re with you the entire way.
  • Convenience: Our expert consultants are right here in Latvia with you.
  • Creating harmony: We have good relations with all relevant government bodies.
  • Customer service: We’re never more than a phone call away.

Most business owners and entrepreneurs are shocked at how much time, energy and hassle we can save them. We make the process of establishing a footprint in Latvia seem surprisingly simple and straightforward. Not because it is easy, but because our decades of experience mean we’re able to avoid many potential challenges.

Discover the Leinonen Difference

While Latvia is a member of the European Union, they have their own institutions and ways of doing things. That’s why so many count on Leinonen. Our experience in Latvia ensures that everything from company registration to obtaining a tax ID, hiring local staff, and submitting required documents is handled with speed and efficiency. And that is true no matter what type of business you want to start.

If your plans include company establishment in Latvia, make sure you talk to the professionals at Leinonen first. We will help you with your entry into the Latvian market and allow you to hit the ground running.

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