Top 5 accounting tips for accounting for 2017 in Poland Feb 22

It is wise to go through the accounting and administration process in the beginning of each business year to make sure it is up to date. Below you can find 5 general pieces of advice to keep in mind when doing accounting in Poland in 2017.
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Leinonen Group continues strong growth strategy and strengthens its position by acquisition of Norwegians Resultat Compagniet AS Feb 14

Norway has significant role in Group’s strategy, as it is an interesting market area for companies in Finland, as well as companies in other areas where Leinonen Group operates. Also Norwegian companies strive for growth in new markets.

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Fitness benefit to become tax exempt in Estonia starting in 2018 Feb 08

An amendment was made to the Income Tax Act which will from year 2018 allow employers to compensate their employees’ health promotion expenses in the amount of up to 100 euros per quarter without income and social tax being applied.

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Lithuania introduced the Code of Administrative Offences Feb 01

On January 1, 2017 the new Code of Administrative Offences took effect, replacing the Code of Administrative Violations. The changes of the Code are related to the finances of legal entities or their branches/representatives.
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Changes to the Tax code in Ukraine Jan 25

An overview of new amendments was published on the 28th of December 2016. Among other things it included updates to transfer pricing, income tax and Value Added Tax.
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Updates to the Latvian VAT regulations Jan 18

There's a number of changes to the VAT regulations in Latvia that came into effect with the current year. Here's an overview.  Read more ›

Hungary: Buyer’s tax number must now be shown on invoices when VAT over specified limit Jan 11

An important change in Hungary’s invoicing regulations took effect from the beginning of 2017. Until now, only seller’s tax number had to be shown on invoices. Now, buyer’s tax number has to also be presented if the VAT of the invoice is 100 000 HUFs or more.
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Changes in Russian regulations in 2017 Jan 04

There are a number of changes to the tax regulations in Russia coming into effect this year. The three key changes are as follows. Read more ›