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Norway is a politically stable, modern and highly developed country with a very strong economy. The country has second highest GDP per capita in Europe, high purchasing power and the world’s biggest sovereign wealth fund.The Norwegian economy is characterized as being open and mixed, with a combination of private and public ownership. The population of Norway is 5,1 million and the country is investing in high standard of living and evenly distributed wealth. English is widely spoken in addition to French and German.

Norway is and has always been open to foreign companies investing in the country. Foreign owned companies cover 25% of all value-creation and about 20% of the whole employment. The foreign investments have been growing strongly during the last decade, when comparing to various other countries. It is also easy to do business in the country. It has been ranked among top 10 of 180 countries on the Ease of Doing Business.

Norway is not a member of the European Union but it is part of the Internal Market of the European Union through the EEA agreement. This means that the Norwegian companies have equal opportunities with the companies from the European Union. Norway participates fully in all EU research programmes and activities.

Due to its rich in natural resources like oil and gas, marine resources, surplus of emission-free hydropower and forest resources, Norway has developed world class industries within these sectors. These industries are supported by the network of airports. There are more than 50 airports with regular traffic, which makes it easy to reach out the entire country.

The Norwegian business culture is based on Scandinavian values. In Norway the main focus is on equality. As a result, you will see little hierarchy, flat structures and an informal way of communication, which also stimulates innovation. Norway can be characterized as open, stable and predictable. Political stability and a transparent political system creates a competitive investment climate.


We follow both local and international accounting and business standards. Our long experience gives us the understanding of the needs of international clients. Our competitive edge is based in long experience, quality and deep knowledge of Norwegian tax authority.

The quality of our service is guaranteed by strong internal audit procedures. The company has civil liability insurance covering any mistakes that might occur.

cLIENT base

Leinonen in Norway serves local and international clients of all sizes. Finnish clients are also well represented.


We have experience with various accounting programs such as Microsoft Dynamics, Visma, Tripletex and Fiken. 


Leinonen Norway is authorized for doing accounting/payroll for others by Finanstilsynet.

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