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Corona Compensation Scheme 1

Applications will be sent to the Norwegian Tax Administration. Tax administration has now created a new solution that allows the accountant or auditor to confirm content in compensation searches. 2 types of applications shall now be prepared for the compensation scheme: by the auditor and accountant.

One application is the ordinary confirmation for all types of applications. The second application is for companies with deficits in the last financial year. This is for those who submit the application based on the fact that the average monthly result is improved.

However, clear decisions have been given by the Tax Administration on what to check before these confirmations are given.

If the company has been awarded one or more monthly grants above NOK 15 000, the confirmation of the content of the application shall be submitted unsolicited.

The confirmation shall be provided as an independent solution via the ordinary website for compensation scheme.


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Corona Compensation Scheme 1


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