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Governmental support for the quarantine costs of foreign workers

A new scheme has now been adopted in Norway. That will cover the expenses companies have when foreign labour must have quarantine when they enter Norway.

Many companies rely on foreign labour to maintain normal operations. The quarantine rules lead to huge costs for these companies, and this scheme contributes to the production maintained despite the quarantine.

In the latest press release, the government has sharpened the requirements for entry quarantine. Employees shall be provided suitable residence with private rooms, including for those workers who have free-time quarantine if they do not use quarantine hotels.

The quarantine rules lead to large costs including lodging, wages and follow-up of quarantined workers. The companies are compensated a fixed amount per worker per day, about 800-1000 NOK.

In this way, we avoid the unfortunate consequences that could affect foreign labour as a result of covid-19. This scheme is initially valid for the period 1.11.2020-28.02.2021. Any extension of this scheme will be considered by the Government on an ongoing basis.


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