Taking wrinkled receipts to the accountant became history. Today, information travels in bits, and a large part transfers automatically to our software.

In the past, the accountant was chosen in a location it was easy to deliver receipts to the accountant. Today, we no longer need to take receipts to the accountant because we use digitalized accounting services and get the information from the bank directly into the accounting program. Our customers no longer have any need to come to our office. But you can still visit us to get to know our staff personally. Leinonen Norwegian office can serve customers throughout the whole of Norway.

Today, we spend less time on accounting and more time on checking and advising customers.

Advisory service is significantly more helpful for our customers than statutory reporting. Advising the customer is also a pleasant way of working for our staff.

Digital accounting reduces errors made by humans. Automatic calculation functions and digital data storage prevent typing mistakes, so there are fewer errors in accounting than before. Digital accounting reduces costs, as there is no need for paper or archiving facilities. Time is saved, and salary costs are reduced. In addition, the load on the environment is reduced. Sharing information becomes more accessible. Financial information can be used quickly in real-time and is easily accessible to all parties, in which case the information can be used effectively to support decision-making.

You are welcome as a client at Leinonen Norway office, regardless of where in Norway you operate.

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