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While we do not have an in-house legal team, we are able to provide sound advice on many common legal issues. In more complex cases we put you in touch with trusted local law firms.

Legal Services in Norway

Establishing a business anywhere brings with it a host of potential legal issues. Establishing a business presence in a foreign market simply ratchets up the potential legal issues by several orders of magnitude. It’s vitally important that your legal advisors are experienced, that they have a proven record of successfully representing the interests of foreign-owned businesses and that they provide an array of services that ensure you are covered in any eventuality. Leinonen understand the importance of legal services in Norway and can help you get the representation you need to thrive here.

Why Foreign Companies Need Expert Legal Services in Norway

Setting up a representative office, LLC, production facility or other business entity in any foreign country is to invite unanticipated legal issues. As such it is crucial that you have legal representation that can fulfil the role of a determined advocate. The following are more reasons why foreign-owned businesses need expert legal services in Norway:

  • To facilitate the handling of important immigration issues.
  • To help your company obtain an all-important tax ID number.
  • To negotiate contracts with local suppliers and producers.
  • To negotiate leases for office, production or retail space.
  • To provide effective representation should matters go to court.
  • To oversee the acquisition or liquidation of company assets
  • To represent company interests in labour disputes.
  • To ensure compliance with GDPR rules and regulations.

The number and variety of legal issues that can arise when conducting business in a foreign market run the gamut from real estate law, labour law, tax law, international business law, intellectual property law and more. If your lawyers in Norway are not up to the task of meeting these challenges your enterprise could wind up fatally undermined before it has a chance to get off the ground.

We Can Help

Finding a law firm in Norway that will fulfil all of your requirements can be one of the most vexing aspects of setting up a foreign-owned business here. The in-house legal team at Leinonen, Norway will typically be able to handle many of the more mundane tasks for you. And just as important, we will also be able to recommend proven, reliable local representation that will enable you to build a legal moat around your Norwegian company.

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You can seemingly do everything right in setting up your Norwegian enterprise, but if you do not engage in effective legal representation right out of the gate you open your new business up to a world of trouble. Don’t let that happen. Contact Leinonen today.

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