Tax Advisory

We often get questions related to the tax rules in Norway and have experienced advisors who can answer your questions. If there is one thing you need to be 100 % sure about, it’s your company’s tax and our advisors will quickly find out whether your company handles taxes in the right way.

Tax advisory in Norway

Do you need a tax advisory? Our experienced advisors are ready to help you understand the tax rules. Our team has expertise in tax advice and can assist you with such topics like for instance:

  • Right for deductions
  • Withholding tax
  • Group contributions
  • Shares and securities

Each case is unique. We answer your questions, but also in those cases where you have received a notice of control from The Norwegian Tax Administration. We communicate with the authorities and keep you informed in the process. We tell what documentation we need and submit everything.

Our team

Our state-authorized public accountants have a lot of experience, worked with Norwegian and international companies, and can assist you in your case. We set up an advisory meeting at the start to understand your situation and work until the case is closed. When we have finished, you will receive a description of what we have done and what we advise you. Usually, we solve all cases within a short time, but if it takes longer time than expected, you will be informed.

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If you have any questions regarding your tax, contact us using the form below. We set up a meeting to discuss your needs and find a solution that suits you best.

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