Our team can help you find tailored tax services from local experts that provide spot-on advice in matters of cross-border taxation.

Norway Taxation Services

When setting up a foreign-owned business in any country there are a lot of important considerations. You will need first-class accounting, help with obtaining necessary visas and work permits, expert legal representation and help with tax compliance. Leinonen understand the value of finding a reliable tax consultant in Norway. For more than 3 decades we have been helping foreign-owned businesses establish a foothold in countries throughout Northern, Central and Easter Europe. If you are in need of a tax advisor in Norway who can guide you through the compliance maze, it’s time to talk to the pros at Leinonen.

The Benefits of an Experienced Tax Consultant in Norway

The government of Norway are keen to attract foreign investments. There are approximately 7,400 foreign-owned companies currently operating in the country employing many tens of thousands of Norwegian citizens. This in a country with a total population less than half that of Greater London.

But the Norwegians have not opened their doors to just anyone. They expect companies that do business here to be responsible corporate citizens and meet the expectations of the Norwegian Tax Administration or NTA. The way you do that is to align yourself with a qualified tax consultant in Norway right up front. The benefits of quality tax advice are many and include:

  • The ability to devise an effective tax strategy.
  • The peace of mind of meeting the expectations of the NTA.
  • The knowledge that you are not paying 1 Krone more than your fair share.
  • Reliable advice on a variety of important tax issues.
  • Expert help with VAT, income tax, corporate tax and more.
  • First-class customer service year-round.
  • Actionable insights into your company finances.

Tax compliance is not one of those things that’s negotiable. If your plans entail setting up a foreign-owned business in Norway you will need to have a reliable tax consultant available to you from the moment you begin the process of company establishment. The team at Leinonen can help.

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The members of our Norway office work with a network of proven local tax consultants and can direct you to the best one to suit the needs of your particular enterprise. It’s just one of the many services we offer foreign investors seeking to establish themselves in the Norwegian market. To learn more about our entire array of services get in touch with the team at Leinonen, Norway today.

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