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Leinonen Group is an internationally established accountancy and advisory firm with over 30 years of knowledge and experience. Our 12 offices are scattered around Scandinavia, Baltic states, Central and Eastern Europe – altogether 11 countries, i.e., Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary and Ukraine.

Our service portfolio includes accounting, payroll management, taxation, legal and advisory services. All of our services are custom-molded to suit your business needs.

Our mission

We offer high-quality accounting and financial management services, enabling clients to focus on their core business.


High ethics – we obey the law and all concluded contracts, and co-operate with individuals and organizations that follow the same principles.

Reliability – we work together as united group to keep our promises to clients, employees and partners. We handle delicate information responsibly and with care.

Focus on clients – we base our activities on client needs. We especially pay attention to the high quality of our work and the changing needs of our clients. We proactively offer clients solutions that add value to them.

Eager to improve – we are always ready to develop our services further. We offer our clients advanced and reliable solutions that increase their efficiency and profitability, without compromising sustainability. We follow developments in financial management services and offer best possible solutions for clients and they can rely on our professionalism.

Great people – our strength is in skilled, committed people. We take care of our skills by training and sharing knowledge and helping each other. We support open and honest communication at the offices and with clients and by this, providing a stable and comfortable working environment.


International and local businesses

Leinonen Group's clientele is very varied and we want to keep offering our services for companies of different sizes and fields. Our clients are mainly international companies with permanent operations in our service region. Moreover, our clients are subsidiaries or branches of larger enterprises. In addition, we also serve successful and publicly respected local companies, as well as newly established companies.

Serving demanding international companies listed on the stock market has trained us to provide comprehensive reporting uniquely tailored to the client's requirements. Having understood what is required we can allocate resources and work continuously for the benefit of the client.
Industry specific expertise allows us to reach required quality levels. Moreover, cooperating with companies from different industries gives valuable business insights that we can utilize in future challenges.

International companies

Leinonen Group is specialized in serving international companies. Through our wide and unique international office and partner network, we are truly able to support companies in their internationalization processes. Meeting and maintaining high international requirements is extremely important for us. An essential part and the core of our business activities are the Finnish roots which creates an understanding of Western business values and business practices. This lays the foundations for reliable and fruitful cooperation with international clients. To enhance the Nordic tradition the majority of Leinonen management has either a Finnish or Nordic background.

Entering a new business environment is never easy, but well-planned and supported business operations are much more likely to succeed. We are able to work within tight schedules, follow industry standards and communicate in multiple foreign languages in addition to the local language.
Leinonen Group is on hand to work for your benefit.

Local companies

Local clients are typically served by the local Leinonen office, which provides the client all the necessary help and resources for quality accounting, administration and payroll management. In addition, a client is advised in various business issues, such as internationalization or local legislation. Meetings and close collaboration are a necessary part of any successful relationship.

Adapting our services to client’s individual needs is essential for any company, but especially so for small and middle-sized companies, who appreciate the flexibility of administration. Local companies also value our trustworthiness and international experience.
Leinonen supports and takes care of its clients' finances and thus helps them, for instance, to overcome the challenges and risks related to the starting up of a new business and avoid difficulties when outsourcing accounting.


If you are interested in working for the Leinonen Group or want to find out about training opportunities in the company, please e-mail your application to our local office.

What we offer to our employees?

·       We offer a secure and comfortable working environment
·       We provide modern means of work
·       We promote self-development and education
·       We celebrate both team and individual success
·       We understand the needs of our employees

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