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COVID-19 in Poland information for employers

Leinonen team would like to inform you that on March 8th, 2020, the Act on Special Measures related to the prevention, prevention and control of COVID-19, other infectious diseases and emergencies caused by them were introduced by Polish government.

Due to this, we have prepared a summary of information which your company may find useful.If you have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Prevention of COVID-19

The Act provides new legal solutions regarding the control and prevention of coronavirus infection, for the employer and employee. The Act provides, among others the possibility of introducing remote work during quarantine or epidemiological surveillance in connection with suspected coronavirus, or payment of parental benefits for time of closing schools or kindergartens.


I.Remote Work


In order to counteract COVID-19, the employer may instruct the employee to perform, for a fixed period of time, work specified in the employment contract, outside the place of its permanent performance (remote work).


II.Additional care allowance


In connection with the suspension of classes in schools, kindergartens, nurseries between March 12- 25, parents of children under the age of 8 will be entitled to an additional care allowance.

  • The period of payment of additional care allowance (14 days) is not included in the general limit of 60 days for care of a sick child under 14 years of age.
  • If both parents work, one parent may apply for additional childcare allowance. They can also share childcare within the 14-day limit.
  • Additional care allowance is granted to parents for a total of 14 days, regardless of the number of children needing care.
  • The amount of additional care allowance - 80% of the basis for the allowance.
  • Additional care allowance is financed by ZUS.


In order to receive an allowance in connection with the unforeseen closure of the facility, it is not necessary to obtain a medical leave from a doctor – employee should submit a statement about the unforeseen closure of the nursery, kindergarten or school. The form is valid both when the care allowance is paid by the payer and when it is paid by ZUS, they are available for download on the ZUS website.


On 18th of March Poland’s government has announced a package of measures protecting business and employees during COVID-19 crisis. The package is divided into 5 parts and its estimated total value is 212 billion PLN which is independent from EU funds. The package will help struggling companies to pay salaries to avoid layoffs and allow to delay their social security payments. Under certain conditions, the government will help employers cover 40 percent of their wage bill, providing for earnings up to the national average wage level.


The fiscal plan will be translated into draft legislation and shall be introduced till end of March 2020.

Notice COVID-19 Poland 8.03.2020.pdf

If you have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


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