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Positive from Poland

For the past year or so news have been filled mostly with negative news regarding political situation in Poland. It is good to remember that there are plenty of positive things waiting for companies investing in Poland.

Yes, it is true that Poland has had rightwing government now for a little over a year. Especially international companies have had many fears related to doing business in Poland and stability of the markets. Although some uncertainty still exists, the fact is that major international companies still keep on investing in Poland - and many SMEs follow these international conglomerates.

Let's list a few reasons why Poland is attractive destination for investment

  • 97% of international investors would invest again to Poland according to survey conducted by Invest in Poland, Grant Thornton and HSBC. Foreign investors appreciate the macroeconomic stability of Poland.
  • For industrial companies human capital is one of the key factors when planning new investments: Poland has large talent pool of experienced employees combined with reasonable labor costs. Another important factor is availability of high standard industrial spaces with reasonable rents.
  • Poland has a great location in the heart of Europe. Also transport infrastructure has develop significantly and for example highways take you to almost all major cities from the capital Warsaw.
  • International companies have access to public aid & EU programs as well as different forms of governmental support - such as tax exemptions. There are also many special economic zones throughout the country.
  • Income tax has decreased for the smallest companies from 19% to 15%. Tax benefit is estimated to benefit more than 100 000 companies.
  • Last but not least - Poland is estimated to be the fastest growing economy in EU by 2050 (PwC). Poland has already now solid track record in GDP growth - the average growth for the past 20 years is over 4%.


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