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Social Security contributions 2016

In connection with the increase of the minimum salary, which effect from 1 January 2016, will increase the amount of social security contributions for businesses. This means that entrepreneurs will have to pay to Social Security AROUND 1110 zł per month.

In the forecast, the government adopted the budget amount of the average salary in the amount of 4055 zł. This is about 96 zł more than last year, when the foundation was 3959 zł.

The basis for calculation of contributions for social insurance is 60 % of the average wage, and therefore 0.6 * 4055 zł = 2033 zł. The amount of individual social security contributions in 2016 will be:

  • The pension contribution - 474.92 zł

  • Disability contribution - 194.64 zł

  • The contribution to illness - 59.61 zł

  • Resultant contribution - 43.79 zł

  • Contribution to the Labour Fund - 59.61 zł

Each contributions increased by a few złoty, compared with last year, which brings the total increase of payments to the Social Insurance in the amount of 19.70 zł.


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