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The Polish anti-crisis Act Project was presented by the government

The Polish anti-crisis Act Project was presented 18.03.2020 by the government with the information that the aim is to finalize and sign the Act till 31.03.2020.

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Government Anti-crisis Shield

On March 18, 2020, the government presented the assumptions of a project of actions called "Economic and social anti-crisis shield for the security of enterprises and employees in connection with a pandemic SARS CoV-2 virus (COVID-19) ".


Value of the anti-crisis package

The total value of the package is estimated at approx. PLN 211 billion, or almost 10% of GDP.


Key solutions of the Anti-Crisis Shield 

  • 500,000 micro-enterprises employing up to 9 employees will be able to take advantage of loans in the amount of 5,000. zł.
  • Possibility for medium and large companies to obtain capital increase or financing in the form of bonds from the PFR Investments fund - with a total value of PLN 6 billion.
  • BGK (state development bank) subsidies to support in interest on loans - from the subsidy fund to interest on loans in the amount of PLN 500 million for the enterprise sector.
  • Transport companies will get ARP (Industrial Development Agency) support for refinancing lease contracts.
  • The state will contribute to the salary of employees of the companies at a standstill. The state will cover almost half of the salaries and ZUS (Social Insurance Institution) contributions to companies at a standstill.
  • Extension of the right to childcare allowance for parents who look after children up to 8 years old.
  • Employed under civil law contracts will be able to benefit from a monthly benefit of approximately PLN 2,000 zł. gross.
  • Companies in trouble will receive support in keeping employees - the state will finance 40% of their pay.
  • The possibility of withdrawing from contractual penalties for delays in the implementation of the public contract related to the epidemic.
  • 100,000 SMEs will be able to obtain a loan with a de minimis guarantee up to PLN 3.5 million.
  • Possibility to postpone ZUS (Social Insurance Institution) contributions - no fees or interest.
  • Prolongation of the deadline for forwarding PIT advances on income from broadly understood work collected in March and April to the end of May.
  • Commercial turnover insurance KUKE.
  • Settlement of all this year's tax loss next year.
  • Postponing of the new SAF-T entry into force from July 1, 2020 until further

  • Transfer of payment for utilities.
  • Consumer protection.
  • Extension of validity of periodic medical examinations.
  • Extension of residence visas and temporary residence permits.


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