Bringing efficiency in accounting

With our advanced solutions all is possible

Leinonen is continuously seeking better ways of providing accounting services. Our aim is to provide flexible and cost efficient solutions to our clients. During the year of 2014 we have successfully automated accounting solutions of several of our clients – and therefore also brought significant cost savings in their administrative costs. We co-operate closely with our valued clients and mutually improve processes in order to achieve the best possible efficiency.

We serve clients of all sizes throughout Poland and for us it is very important to offer the same high quality service everywhere. We are able to offer the same level of service to companies no matter if they are located 300 meters or 300 kilometers from us. We can provide personal service to all of our clients and assure smooth flow of accounting documents. With our advanced solutions all this is possible.

Leinonen provides accounting and payroll services to companies in all business sectors. We work with industrial clients, service clients and everything in between. Also through comprehensive network of Leinonen offices, we can serve multinational companies effectively. They can trust that they get the same high Leinonen quality in every country they operate. As we know complexity of doing business in more than 10 countries, we promise to simplify one of the key processes – accounting.

Leinonen is happy to accept the challenge of improving your accounting processes. If you are interested in making your accounting more efficient, contact us!  

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