Interview with Harri Reiman, Country Manager for Leinonen Poland

How do you describe the current business environment in the country? Are any new tax rate or legislation changes influencing it? If so, how?

Polish economy has been growing constantly since 1992 despite several global crisis during the past 25 years. There is no reason to believe this success would not continue also in 2016. Preliminary estimations of GDP growth in 2016 are around 3,6%.

Poland has had new governing party since October of 2015. This right-wing Law and Justice -party (PiS) has already introduced new media laws and reforms of the constitutional court. Yet, it is still impossible to say how reforms will affect the Polish Economy. What is certain, is that foreign trade partners and investors are concerned. Poland has attracted large amount of foreign investments from Westerns Europe and Scandinavia. One of the reasons has been stable political environment.

What are the biggest benefits for companies to enter the market in 2016?

Poland offers a lot for foreign investors and companies entering Polish markets. Location in the middle of Europe, large domestic market and well educated work force make Poland an attaractive destination. Infrastructure is developing fast due to EU funds and economy is growing – which results in increasing number of consumers with purchase power.

What are the key goals for Leinonen in the market in 2016?

Leinonen will continue in the path of automating accounting services and thus providing cost effective accounting and payroll services to companies throughout Poland.

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