Steps to introducing remote work in Poland

  1. Concluding an agreement with trade unions (only if trade unions exist), then issuing company regulation specifying the rules for remote work (including the rules for covering costs, rules for controlling the performance of work, or health and safety conditions).
  2. If such documents have not been accepted, the employer defines the rules for remote work in an individual agreement or concluded with the employee.
  1. Description of an occupational risk assessment for remote work and creating information for employees based on the results of this assessment.
  2. Define data protection procedures for remote work.
  3. Agreeing with the employee to perform remote work.
  4. Providing the employee with information created on the basis of the occupational risk assessment and before allowing him to perform remote work, receiving statements from him that:
  5. employee has read the employer’s occupational risk assessment and information containing the rules of safe and hygienic remote work and undertakes to comply with them.
  6. safe and hygienic working conditions are provided at the remote workplace in a location indicated by the employee and agreed upon with the employer.
  7. Receiving a statement from the employee about having read the personal data protection procedures.
  8. Exchange of information necessary for communication by means of remote communication or in another way agreed with the employer.
  9. No later than on the day of starting remote work, the employer shall provide the employee with information indicating:
  10. the organizational unit of the employer in which structure the position of the employee performing remote work is located
  11. persons or authority responsible for cooperation with the employee performing remote work and authorized to carry out inspections at the place of remote work.

All information from the employer and employee’s statements, applications from the employee can be in paper or electronic form.

In addition, remote work can be performed exceptionally at the employer’s request, as well as occasionally.

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