Tips in accounting for 2017 – top 5.

Make sure your accounting & administration is up to date when starting the new year

  • Efficiency is the order of the day: it is smart to go through your whole accounting process from receiving an invoice to monthly reporting to cut inefficiencies. If you don’t have last month’s figures in your hand on the first week of next month – your process in not working properly. Demand more.

  • Analyze the circulation of documents inside your company – you don’t want to push pointlessly documents from desk to desk Make the most of your software options to increase efficiency. There are simple and inexpensive solution on the market, which make the daily administration smoother.

  • Be sure that you are aware of all the changes in Polish law in 2017; at Leinonen we inform our clients well in advance about ongoing changes in rules & regulations. No one likes unpleasant surprises, so insist to be informed.

  • Last but not least is payroll calculation. This is probably the most sensitive issue in many companies and it needs to work flawlessly every single month. Ensure that you have enough know how and resources in HR management and payroll calculation. Flaws in this department lead into problems with officials and employees. Due to its complexity payroll and HR is one of the most common functions to be outsourced in international companies.  

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