Our Poland accounting team are fully versed in local accounting standards and best practices. They can save you the time and trouble of establishing your own accounting department while wrestling with the learning curve. With Leinonen, there is no learning curve. We get straight to work.

Accounting Services in Poland

Whether you are entering the Polish market as a stand-alone enterprise, or your corporation is looking to expand here, you will need first-class accounting services in Poland if you are to give yourself the best chance of success. Leinonen have decades of experience in countries throughout Northern and Eastern Europe, including Poland, and have helped many businesses eliminate much of the time and hassle associated with entering an unfamiliar market.

Why Businesses Use Leinonen’s Accounting Services in Poland

Whether you plan to establish a representative office, retail outlet, production facility or any other type of business in Poland, accounting will be a major concern. Companies large and small come to us because they know our experience will help them save money and avoid many of the issues that typically await foreign-owned businesses. Here are 10 more benefits of working with Leinonen:

  1. We offer a full range of accounting services that grow with your business
  2. We enjoy good working relationships with local authorities
  3. We embrace the principles of transparency and accountability
  4. All work meets International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  5. We tailor our services to suit your particular needs
  6. Our services provide useful insights into your company’s finances
  7. We help you identify redundancies and potential savings
  8. You will be able to create more accurate, dependable business plans
  9. Your confidential information will stay confidential
  10. Our customer service is excellent

Leinonen’s accounting services in Poland will enable you to better respond to market developments, identify potential cost savings, provide expert guidance on operating in the Polish market and greatly simplify the process of doing business here.

What to Expect from Leinonen

The members of our Polish accounting office are highly trained, multilingual professionals dedicated to helping our clients simplify difficult business processes. When you outsource your accounting in Poland to Leinonen, your organisation will become more cost-effective, flexible, and responsive. Your company will also benefit from the good relations we have established with relevant government departments and agencies.

Leinonen’s Accountancy Services: The Smart Choice

Opening a business in another country is hard enough. Anything you can do to make the process simpler and less troublesome is a good thing. Leinonen exist to provide companies with a simpler, better, and more cost-effective way to handle business processes that would normally consume more than their fair share of time and resources. Get in touch today and ask about our accounting services in Poland.

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