Company Establishment

Before your Polish enterprise can thrive, you need to make sure it’s on a rock-solid foundation. Together with our long-term partners, we can help you with everything from registering your business to locating suppliers and securing office, factory, or retail space.

Starting a Company in Poland

Do your business plans include company establishment in Poland? Leinonen can recommend you a long-term legal partner services.

Our partners have years of experience helping entrepreneurs and international companies establish a solid presence in the Polish market by assisting them with resource-draining business processes. When it comes to establishing a company in Poland, they can handle everything from visas, to obtaining a tax identification number, to company incorporation and hiring local staff. Whether you plan to open a joint stock company, a representative office, or a Limited Liability Company in Poland, our partners can help you every step of the way.

Company Establishment in Poland Made Simple

Our mission is to make it easier for businesses to do business. We offer a variety of services that enable companies to simplify their business model, make their processes more efficient and become more productive. All of the countless potential issues disappear as we use our local connections to ease the way for your entry into the Polish market.

The success or failure of your enterprise will depend in large part on the foundation you establish for it during the setup process. When you enlist Leinonen to help you with company establishment in Poland, you can relax knowing that our trusted local partners handle every important aspect of the process for you. All you have to do is make sure you’re ready to get started once you open your doors for business.

If you plan on opening a new company in Poland, make sure you contact Leinonen before finalising your plans.

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