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Changing salary payment dates and notifying employees

Do employees need to be notified in advance if the organization wants to change salary payment dates, and how much in advance?


Let´s say the organization has established the following days for payment of wages - the 10th and 24th days of each month. Management wants to change these dates to the 5th and 20th of every month.


In this case, the days of payment of wages are determined in the collective agreement and in the labor contracts of employees. Does the employer need to notify employees of upcoming changes in writing no later than two months in advance as is normally required by law? Do you have to adhere to these deadlines?


Rostrud answered questions as follows on its information portal. If employees agree to change the timing of payment of wages, then in this case it will be sufficient to conclude additional agreements to labor contracts and amend the collective agreement accordingly. There is no need to inform employees about the change two months in advance.


According to article 72 of the Labor Code, changes in the terms of an employment contract are allowed only by agreement of the parties, which is concluded in writing.


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